Diversity & Empowerment

The concepts of diversity & empowerment encompass acceptance, respect and investment. They require that we not only develop an appreciation for the differences that make people so incredibly unique, but that we also invest in increasing the capacity of these people to achieve positive transformation. 

LeadStrong Empowerment is an entity that has been set up as a vehicle to empower people to achieve positive transformation by investing in them. LeadStrong Empowerment works closely with governments, corporates and passionate leaders to uplift people and create opportunities for them to become key contributors in building a brighter future. To date our work has had an emphasis on education and small business development.   

Venture Capital

The greatest stories ever told are about purpose-driven people who first overcome adversity before seeing their dreams realised. We believe the world needs more of these people to write great stories through the lives that they live. 

LeadStrong Capital Investments is an entity that has been set up as a vehicle to invest in entrepreneurs who have the business ideas to succeed and the passion to achieve their dreams. LeadStrong Capital Investments supports these venture capital projects through initial seed funding as well as being involved in implementing a business management blueprint which follows a systematic approach to building high-performing businesses.


The concept of “pay it forward” embraces the philosophy of a life lived for the benefit of others. Whether in a corporate environment or in our individual lives you will find that those organisations and people who live for more than just profits or a pay cheque, are those who achieve a more meaningful existence. 

At LeadStrong, “Pay It Forward” is a non-profit initiative which provides opportunities for our team members to create positive change as they work with different communities around the world. The initiative makes use of the LeadStrong resources and resident skills, building sustainable partnerships with individuals and organisations by equipping them to be socially and commercially relevant in their spheres of influence.

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